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Complicated Spiders – Anti stress coloring book

Complicated Spiders –  Anti Stress* Coloring Book
Out now
Complicated Spiders
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300px-amazoncom300px-amazoncoukComplicated Spider Coloring Book for non-arachnophobic, grown-ups and older children.

Unusual spider designs covered with intricate patterns that will keep your hands and mind occupied for hours.

25 Black line spiders on a black background:
These take less time to complete and the black background really makes your colors stand out.

25 Grey line spiders on a grey web background:
These take longer to finish, but you have the option of changing the line color and filling in the background.

Each image is single sided with a dark spider web design on the reverse.
Designs include: a Dragon Spider, a Robot Spider, a Fire Spider, an Angel Spider, a Turtle Spider and twenty more.

300px-amazoncom300px-amazoncouk *may cause stress