Complicated Coloring books are a fun & therapeutic way to relax, unwind and kill some time.

Each Complicated Coloring book contains 2 copies of every image –

The first is a black line image with a black background.
These versions take less time to color and the abundance of black ink helps the colors stand out.

The second images feature light grey lines on a white background, giving you the option to draw over the lines and fill in the background color.

These pages take longer to complete but you have a lot more control over the final result.

The grey line images give you the option to have really colorful finished pieces without a drop of black ink in sight.

The images are single sided, the back of each page has a black/charcoal design to help prevent bleed through. This isn’t effective against all types of ink, so when in doubt it might be helpful to put a sheet of paper underneath the image that you are currently working on.

Detailed Coloring books for grown ups and advanced colorists.